Friday, 19 August 2011


We are back from camping in the beautiful Vendee region of France.  The campsite was great with lots to do, the countryside was pretty and rustic - just how you imagine it to be.  The weather was changable! At least we had a few days of gorgeous sunshine.

I even managed a trip to a brocante and found a few interesting pieces, including a lovely vintage vanity case.

I don't know where the summer holidays go, less than two weeks and we'll be in September - a very busy month for me! 

Love Suzie xx


  1. Hi I have a vanity case in burgundy that is like yours but on checking it has a mirror in it and slightly different handles and no label !! I saw one of your handbags on the Kitch and Stitch blog. Happy blogging :)

  2. Hi, just spotted you have a blog - I bought one of your lovely bags at the last K+S Fair, and my daughter, Hope (in Lois' Latin class) bought another. In fact Hope's bag can be seen in action on my latest post about our mini-break (how Bridget Jones!) to Bath. She took the beautiful brooch off just the night before and we're going to try and sew it on for safety as the catch got caught and became weakened :o(.

    Hope and I are going to the K+S Fair this Saturday - we'll see you there!

    ps Clover is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Sally
    Thanks for your comment. I'm new to blogging and it's really exciting to hear from new people and see what they do. Your embroidery is gorgeous. I don't know whether to keep the vanity case or sell it? It is lovely.
    Suzie x

  4. Hi Joanna
    Thanks for your message. I'm so chuffed that Hope has been using her bag, looks like you had a great time in Bath. I'm just getting the hang of blogging and it's great to look at other peoples, I can see it gets addictive!

    Look forward to seeing you and Hope on Saturday.

    Suzie x

    PS Your animals also look lovely - I need to find a good one of our cat, Tao, I'm feeling bad for leaving him out so far!